Northern California CBT Network


We are a group of mental health clinicians, researchers, pre-licensed associates and students in the San Francisco Bay Area who have an interest in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Our Mission

The principal purposes of the NCCBT Network are:

    • To disseminate information, education, and training to local professionals and trainees on the theory and practice of cognitive and behavioral approaches to psychotherapy

    • To promote utilization and growth of CBT as a professional activity in the San Francisco Bay Area

    • To provide local professional networking opportunities for like-minded colleagues

Learn about our Leadership Committee and other Committees.

About the Association

The Northern California CBT Network is a tax-exempt  501(C)6 unincorporated association.


NCCBT Support:
Mailing Address:   NCCBT Network
   c/o Melinda White
   1635 Solano Avenue
   Berkeley, CA 94707

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